2017-04-27 Giving Thanks for Scott Youngs

Dear Friends,

It has been my honor to serve as the music director of All Saints’ for 30 years now.During that time you have built a music program that is the envy of the Southwest.

Beginning with Choristers at the end of third grade, we educate singers in the joys of the Episcopal repertoire. With the Choral Scholars, Choral Fellows, Senior Fellows, volunteers and staff, you produce choral music that is second to none in the state and beyond. You have also built a gorgeous organ and enhanced the worship space to become our largest musical instrument; a room that supports music and creates a sense of corporate worship.

Your choirs have been honored with performances in eight countries and have had wonderful experiences singing from the high altar at Canterbury Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel, at St. Thomas in Leipzig during the Bach Festival, and so many others. They sing with great joy week in and week out and we are all blessed by their hard work and dedication. The entire parish has been transformed over these thirty years, and I am so very grateful to have been a part of that.

You are ready to take another big step forward, and it is time for someone else to take that step with you as music director. I hope that you will continue to support and build the music program with a new and vibrant director at the helm.

As for me, I need to accept some new challenges and opportunities. You have had my undivided attention from the day I walked in the door. Now, I’d like to step back from church music and work on my musical “bucket list.” Between now and October, I will do everything in my power to help ease the transition to a new parish musician. On October 1st I will celebrate my final liturgies with you and hand off my duties to someone new. I know that you will welcome that person and show them the same love, dedication and support that you have bestowed on me. I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you, and I give my sincere thanks to you for making my life among you so rewarding and joyful.

Warmest thanks,

Scott Youngs


Dear Friends,

As you see from Scott Youngs’ letter, he intends to retire from church music on October 1 after thirty years as Director of Music here at All Saints’ (and 44 years total serving as a church musician!).

This will naturally stir up a variety of emotions for all of us. When Scott came to me just before Holy Week to share this news, I felt several things at once. I rejoice for Scott that he will get to spend the next chapter of his musical career focused on music performance, away from the exhausting demands of running a large program such as ours, not to mention giving him more time with Gil as they enjoy their new house in Belize.

At the same time, I am deeply saddened to lose Scott’s immense talent and dedication as the Director of our music ministry, and I will miss him personally in so many ways. One of the reasons I felt called to All Saints’ was the opportunity to work with Scott and with this amazing program that he has built, and these eight years together on the staff have been a wonderful experience of collaboration and joy, as our music has continued to reach new heights.

We have a music ministry at All Saints’ church and school that is of national quality and reputation, to the glory of God. From Sunday morning worship (including our fourth Sunday choral mass settings) to Evensong, from our Chamber Choir and Bell Choir down to our youngest day school choristers, we praise God with our very best.

Our choirs and organ playing by Scott and James Gerber are phenomenal, and we have a sophisticated congregation that embraces not only the great works of our Anglican tradition, but also newer music (such as the stunning works performed on Good Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago).

Where do we go from here? By graciously giving us until October 1, Scott will enable us, God-willing, to complete a search for our next Director of Music and hand over the program in an orderly manner. We will immediately begin a national search for Scott’s successor, and with this outstanding program in place, I anticipate strong interest. I will form a search committee as soon as possible to help me with this important task.

We will also have many opportunities, both individually and collectively, to thank Scott for his 30 years of extraordinary ministry among us.



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