2018-01-04 New Choral Program Based on the Royal School of Church Music

All Saints’ Episcopal Church is very pleased to announce a new choral program which embraces the tradition of children’s voices. For nearly one thousand years, children (primarily boys until the last fifty years!) have sung daily services in the great cathedrals and collegiate chapels of England. The boy sopranos, or trebles, provided the “top line” of the choir while the lower parts (alto, tenor, and bass) were sung by lay clerks, or grown men from the college or community. While these choral programs are taken somewhat for granted in England, similar choirs for children and youth are few and far-between in our own country. This new program is based on the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) curriculum entitled “Voice for Life.” Within the guidelines of the RSCM (www.rscm.com), children form the soprano section of an inter-generational choir, while the alto, tenor, and bass parts are sung by adults. The choristers will sing music of the greatest composers of sacred music, such as Palestrina, Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Bruckner, and Howells.

This new chorister program at All Saints’ will provide youth with a musical education which includes music theory, music history, and vocal training. In addition, choristers learn about the liturgy and history of the church. While all choristers and their families are welcomed and encouraged to participate fully in the life of All Saints’ parish, church membership is not required, nor do you have to be Episcopalian.

The choir is open to boys and girls in grades K through 12 as well as teen boys and adults. Choristers are divided into four skill levels: Probationer (beginner, K – 2nd Grade), Novice, Junior Chorister, and Senior Chorister. To progress, appropriate skill levels must be achieved. Earned ribbons and medals are awarded to and worn by the chorister over his or her vestment (choir robe) to show current standing.

Informational sessions are scheduled for:
  • January 11 at 7pm
  • January 13 at 10am
  • February 4 at 2pm
  • February 8 at 7pm
in the Choir Room at All Saints’ Church.

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