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May 14, 2017

2017-05-14 Notes from the Bench


Festival Prelude on “This Joyful Eastertide” by Jan Bender 


A commentary on this week’s music by Dr. James T. Gerber, Music Associate


Text: George Ratcliffe Woodward

This joyful Eastertide, away with sin and sorrow.
My Love, the Crucified, hath sprung to life this morrow.
Had Christ, that once was slain, ne’er burst his three-day prison,
Our faith had been in vain: but now hath Christ arisen.
My flesh in hope shall rest, and for a season slumber:
Till trump from east to west shall wake the dead in number.
Death’s flood hath lost his chill, since Jesus crossed the river:
Lover of souls, from ill my passing soul deliver.


“This Joyful Eastertide” is a carol for the Easter season written by the Anglican poet George Ratcliffe Woodward (1848-1934). Woodward’s text was originally published in 1894 in the collection, “Carols for Easter and Ascensiontide” and in the 1902 publication, “The Cowley Carol Book.” The melody often associated with this hymn text, Vruechten, (which means ‘fruits’) is a seventeenth-century Dutch folk song that was published as a hymn tune in “David’s Psalmen” by Joachim Oudaen in 1685. The English composer Charles Wood composed the harmonization of this melody as found in The Hymnal 1982 (#192). Numerous other composers have written choral anthem arrangements of this hymn while others have composed new melodies to sing this hymn to.


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