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August 28, 2014

Dr. James Gerber’s St. Alban’s Adventure – Summer 2014

Dr. James Gerber’s St. Alban’s Adventure – Summer 2014

Trinity 4
Trinity Cathedral Choir St. Alban’s Residency, 2014

From 28 July – 3 August, the Cathedral Choir of Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona, under the direction Dr. Erik Goldstrom, Canon Musician, was in residence at St. Alban’s Abbey and Cathedral, Hertfordshire, UK. I had the privilege of assisting the cathedral choir as their organist.

The Abbey Cathedral has been home to many organs, including instruments built by Bernard “Father” Smith, William Hill, Abbott and Smith, and Henry Willis. The present organ was built by Harrison and Harrison of Durham in 1962. This instrument was one of the first twentieth-century British organs that was designed to perform the organ music of the great baroque composers, particularly Johann Sebastian Bach. But the St. Alban’s organ is capable of much more and is certainly suitable for the performance of a wide range of literature as well as being an effective instrument for leading congregational singing and accompanying choirs. Today, St. Alban’s has a vibrant music program and is the location of an international organ competition.

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